Cloud first
Experts in Cosmos DB, Azure Functions and everything in-between


Experts in multi-tenant products, effortlessly supporting countless tenants without administration


Infinite scalability
Experts in making sure that success is never a problem


Fine tuning where it matters
Experts in finding bottlenecks and identifying where optimization matters most

1. Understanding

Before doing anything else, it is essential that everyone involved in a product understands what they are doing. What is the real value they will provide and to whom.

Unless the team truly understands, they might spend a lot of time and effort doing something worthless.

Understanding always has to be the number 1 priority for the team. Otherwise, everything else is pointless

2. Quality

The quality is important. Not more important than understanding, because making the wrong thing, flawlessly, is still worthless.

Once the team is on the right track, the output must be at the “right” quality, which doesn’t necessarily mean 0 errors, but the right balance between productivity, features and robustness.

Expectations for quality are some times implied, but it’s always there.

3. Speed

Everyone wants their product now. That is why speed of delivery is often thought of as the most important factor.

However, when people say they want their product now, they are thinking of a certain value proposition (understanding) and they assume it works well (quality).

Only after those fundamentals, speed of delivery is valued.

Technology Specialists


Web development
In React, including Progressive Web Apps and React Native


From both worlds
Certified in MS SQL Server and highly experienced in Cosmos DB


API Development
In perfect design, for Azure Functions and Monoliths alike

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If your product goals match all of the following criteria

  • Based on Microsoft technology
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Multi tenant
  • Infinitely scalable
  • High performance

The Team

Marko P.

Lead Frontend Developer
Frontend developer for GoPhotoBook and Photish


Senior Developer
Full stack developer and lead developer with focus on Myra Cloud


Founder and Product Enthusiast
Full stack developer, cloud architect and specialist in scalability, performance, SaaS, .NET Core Azure Functions and Cosmos DB


Relentless about User Experience


Junior Developer
React developer responsible for admin systems


Specialized in React development


Xamarin app developer and responsible for the Myra Cloud mobile app


Website designer and developer, making custom and creative websites and also implements them on WordPress.

Courses for Teams

Offering the following three-hour courses for managers and development teams.

  • DevOps Strategy
    An approach to development that tears down silos and improves productivity and enables stability and innovation to go hand in hand.
  • Team Management
    Which things to consider when setting the team. What to think about in terms of recruitment, but also how to assign roles in the existing team(s).
  • Roadmap Planning
    Do priorities change every week and deadlines say “woosh” when they go by? You are not alone and there are ways to handle it.
  • Be Agile
    Ways to increase agility in your team and get clarity of how this affects your stakeholders.

We recommend on location, but remote is also possible.

Price: €1700

Travel costs may apply.

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Courses for Developers

Offering the following three-hour technical courses for developers and development teams.

  • Azure Functions, Cosmos DB and Message Driven Development
  • Performance and Scalabilty in a SaaS product
  • Scalability Workshop - Identify bottlenecks in your current product

Note that each of these courses are separate and cannot be combined. Contact us if you need a customized course.

We recommend on location, but remote is also possible.

Price: €1700

Travel costs may apply.

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