Niels Brinch

Specialized in leadership of software products and people. Broad experience with every aspect of product leadership including people management, process optimization, deep technical expertise, stakeholder management, expectation management and compliance.


Experienced leader of software products and the people that work on them

Product Management

Hands-on technical product manager, optimizing and removing impediments


High-performance teams yields high-performing products


Background as developer and has deep technical knowledge of every aspect of software development

1. Understanding

Before doing anything else, it is essential that everyone involved in a product understands what they are doing. What is the real value they will provide and to whom.

Unless the team truly understands, they might spend a lot of time and effort doing something worthless.

Understanding always has to be the number 1 priority for the team. Otherwise, everything else is pointless

2. Quality

The quality is important. Not more important than understanding, because making the wrong thing, flawlessly, is still worthless.

Once the team is on the right track, the output must be at the “right” quality, which doesn’t necessarily mean 0 errors, but the right balance between productivity, features and robustness.

Expectations for quality are some times implied, but it’s always there.

3. Speed

Everyone wants their product now. That is why speed of delivery is often thought of as the most important factor.

However, when people say they want their product now, they are thinking of a certain value proposition (understanding) and they assume it works well (quality).

Only after those fundamentals, speed of delivery is valued.

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